Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Number-crunching and weather-watching as the tail end of ex-hurricane Gonzalo blows through

Warning for those of a delicate disposition, this post is photo and number heavy.

The other day I bought myself a pedometer, in an attempt to do the recommended 10,000 steps per day, and yesterday was the first time I seriously tried it out. Yesterday was also the day that Gonzalo made his/her appearance, having crossed the Atlantic at hurricane speed.

7 am. Having been up and about since 6.30, the pedometer hasn't yet really had much work to do

and outside the rain clouds are racing but the new moon peaks briefly through

8 am. Spent most of the last hour at my desk

and it looks as if some better weather is approaching from the North West

9 am. Some light household chores have kept me on my feet

and the rain clouds have blown away, leaving the decking damp and shiny

10 am. The continuing delight of light housework keeps me on my feet

and the indoor temperature fluctuates from 19C in the hallway to 22C in the conservatory

11 am. Just back from a walk down to the post office and back via Pidl (not a typo, but our nickname for our local cheapy shop),

to be greeted by bright sunshine streaming through the kitchen window

Midday, after an hour or so putting shopping away, then doing a bit of beta reading

it's still very, very windy outside, next-door's ornamental cherry tree usually drapes itself gently over our fence.

1 pm. A leisurely lunchtime, so sitting down for a good part of the hour

and outside the wind still blows, but the sky is beautifully blue with white fluffy clouds, looking just like a summer's day.

2 pm. More light household duties and a bit more beta reading

but outside it's becoming quite squally, and on the news we hear that in London a lady is killed by a falling tree, travel conditions are bad, ferries are unable to dock and things are generally a bit scary.

3 pm. I've been doing the ironing, I do this standing up in the TV room, usually listening to music of some sort and perhaps doing a bit of dancing on the spot,

while outside the clouds are hurtling by again, and it's currently raining, although not much.

4 pm. Time to start thinking about tea preparation, so my final check on steps 

and weather - as you can see the little dangley thing in our neighbours garden is trying very hard to escape from its moorings and the tops of the bushes are bowing over as if trying to help.

The final pedometer reading at bedtime was 4941, but experimentation showed me that it was under-registering by about 20%, so I'm guessing that my actual step count was something in the region of 6,000, which leads me to conclude that there are not enough hours in the day for me to achieve the suggested 10,000 count.
Gonzalo continued to huff and puff his way through the early part of the night, but has now gone, and all is still.


Mum said...

I've tried this experiment too. 10,000 steps is an awful lot and you have to be walking for hours in order to achieve this total. While I was busy striding back and forth on the pavement nothing got done at home. I could have sworn that being on my feet all day and walking up and down stairs would show a huge number of steps but it doesn't. Serious walking is needed.

Sarah Pellew said...

I love this post! Its funny how someone else's day can just be lovely to read about.I think 5000 - 6000 steps a day is pretty good going! Sarah x

Sandie said...

I've struggled to achieve 10,000 steps a day too. Just shows I need to move more. I was pleased when we were away once thought and I did over 15000. I took my pedometers away recently but found the battery had run out. I must start wearing mine again and it might prompt me to be more active.