Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Big Bang

It's Festival Fortnight in Warminster. A whole cornucopia (wow, what a word!) of delights are planned for the following two weeks, including the Carnival Parade next weekend, and a Fireworks display and Old Tyme(sic) Music Hall performance the following weekend.

Yesterday was the start, with a Grand Opening by our "right(wing) honourable" MP and an 18th Century themed Street Fayre.

I did have to pop down to town for a bit of shopping, so I wandered along to where half of the High Street was closed off to traffic. The weather, although unseasonably warm, was wet and unwelcoming, but there were a few things going on, some hardy folk with outdoor market stalls, some people dressed in period clothing,

and, at the time I was there, some of the army were out on parade.

It pretty soon became obvious to me that they were loading their rifles

so I took precautionary measures, and moved round behind them, as they raised their barrels

and fired.

Well that probably scared a few of the pigeons.


Sandie said...

Great shots (literally lol!)
sounds like a fun time to be had

Busy Little Chicken said...

Shame about the weather, but good pics though, and as you say, maybe got rid of some pigeons!! :)

karen said...

Looks like it is going to be a good week with everything going on. x