Sunday, 2 November 2014

And the winner is . . .

In honour of my having completed 1000 blog posts I offered a giveaway here

I had nine entrants - thanks all for commenting, I guess we all do more or less the same, we just about find the time to read all our favourites, but commenting as well, now there are so many good ones, is not high on a list of priorities.

Anyway, I wrote the nine names on small squares of paper

which were then folded up and placed in a small box

I handed the box to GM and asked him to pick one out, which he did,

and the winner is

               Ellie, of Feltabulous

I already have your address Ellie, from the swap we did a couple of years ago, so unless you have moved recently, a small bundle of goodies will be on its way to you soon.  Many thanks again to all who took part. I may do another giveaway after my 2000th blogpost, if I still have all my marbles.


Crafty in the Med said...

Congratulations to Ellie!!! Lucky!!!

keep well

Amanda x

Hannah Brooker said...

I'm sure you'll still have marbles Joy so will look forward to 2000 ha! Well done to Ellie x

Jane Carroll said...

How cool...I love the pictures of th process. ;)

Eileen T said...

Well done to Ellie!

One of your previous comments said it would be easier to just press 'like', similar to Facebook. I've worked out how to add a 'like' option - just pop over to my blog and look immediately below the comment option to see what I mean.

Patricia said...

That was such a lovely gesture Joy. Congrats to Ellie x

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Thank you - I am surprised and delighted to have won (I'm very lucky!) No, I haven't moved (I wish), so the address you have is still right. Here's to your 2000th post!
Have a lovely week - this has made mine.
Best wishes