Thursday, 13 November 2014

Happy Days 311-316/365

311. Some as yet un-iced fairy cakes made by special request

312. Someone is four years old - GD1

313. Waterbaby - GD3

314. Choc-face -GD2

315. Music man GS1

316. The footballer - GS2

I love visiting family and seeing all the grandchildren - although GS1 is now almost 16 and a half, no longer a child!


Hannah Brooker said...

Ah it's so lovely to see your grandchildren on here hope birthday was good for the 4 year old! Well done on the newspaper too I love seeing family in the paper!x

karen said...

All growing up so quickly. xx

Patricia said...

Lovely photos Joy. My eldest grandson H is 16 and the youngest is 2, with three more in between. I just don't know where the time goes, only seems like yesterday that H was a baby. P x