Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bloggy changes for a new year

This is where I am and this is where I'll be staying, but I've changed a few other things around for 2015. On my relatively new Station Harry blog I wasn't able to find any way of adding a "followers" button, and, not liking the fact that I couldn't see any followers, I decided that I would resurrect one of my old blogs instead, so as from Jan 1st 2015 Station Harry, Fab Rick and the Yarnbirds will be HERE. This is my old Wanda blog from 2013 revamped, so please, unless you are already a follower, pop along here and follow, so you'll be able to find out what Harry and friends are up to.
I'm also going to do another photography 365, as I'm hooked on them. I want to be a bit more adventurous with my photography this year, so I have renamed and updated my old 2012 illustrated blog to become "2015 - a year in photos", which you can see and follow HERE, this one still needs a bit of a revamp, which I'll be doing over the next couple of days, and I'll probably be posting weekly rather than daily.

So remember, it's now "Daisy Row" for everyday stuff, "Station Harry" for selling stuff, and "2015 - a year in photos" for seeing stuff. Please get your (free) tickets now, hop on and ride the journey with me.


Tracy said...

Thanks for the free tickets Joy ;) Best wishes for 2015.

Maria Ontiveros said...

Wow! I can barely keep up with my one blog! I enjoy Daisy Row and will continue to follow it here!

Starnitesky said...

I am all set up to follow each blog, looking forward to 2015!