Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Happy Days 350/365 and Advent Calendar Day 16

Yesterday I told you about the Christmas Cracker Swap that I participated in, and today I'm telling you about another swap, "Send us Christmas", which was  organised by Kimberley. I was partnered with Jayne. Jayne has received the package that I sent her but has chosen to open it on Christmas Day, so I wont be showing what I've sent her, as I wouldn't want to spoil the surprise, but here is what she sent me.

An assortment of ribbons

A lovely handmade thread catcher and a beautiful cross-stitch

Some fancy headed pins and two lovely beaded zip pullers

Some tiny rhinestones and some colourful tags, and a lovely star-shaped tin with choc balls in (there were more, but I had already had a couple before I took the photo!)

Jayne had taken the trouble to ask me what my favourites colour was. Can you guess? Thanks Jayne for being a great and generous swap partner.
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Mum said...

Lucky you again.

karen said...

Wow what beautiful gifts. X

Hawthorn Spellweaver said...

How thoughtful and special! I love the little tin star and yes those are my favourite colours too!

KC'sCourt! said...

Lovely gifts
Julie xxxxxxxxxx

Kimberley Atkinson said...

wow - those are divine gifts! Love the pins and the cross stitch especially. Thanks for taking part!