Friday, 26 December 2014

Happy Days 359/365

December 25th, our delicious vegan meal - Mushroom and Nut Wellington

cooked for us by GO.

 GT joined us after work (he's a carer), so I was able to get an updated pic of the "three wise men"

Our evening consisted of

How was your day?


Jane Carroll said...

We had a lovely morning...complete with Santa...and plenty of gifts. Then the packing began...and all were gone by noon. I had everyone for several days it was a lovely holiday! Glad yours was, too.

Mum said...

Our day was pretty much the same - food, drink and presses. It was very relaxing for me as we went to DD''s and she and boyf did all the work. Downton Abbey in the evening and a restful sleep. Leftovers today, diet tomorrow!