Friday, 12 December 2014

The Great December Studio tidy-up.

I was finding myself with less and less space to move around in and put things, so decided it was time, once again, for the great tidy up. Those of you of a delicate disposition might prefer to look away now . . . . . . but for normal people like myself, enjoy the before and after shots.

Monday morning

Thursday afternoon


Kimberley Atkinson said...

that just made me giggle - I think we all have a room (or a space) like that! I'd love a proper office one day - it is usually my bed or the kitchen table for study. You did a great tidy.

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
Your 'before' shots are still a LOT tidier than my working /crafting spaces!! I NEED a separate craft studio for Christmas (chances of that happening...neglible to nil!) I'll just keep dreaming!
Best wishes

joy said...

I should mention, before anyone starts to get too envious, that I had to wait until I was in my 60s before I got my own space!
Joy x x

Mum said...

Now how long is it going to stay like that?!

karen said...

Very impressive, would you care to come and do mine for me please. xx

Fundy Blue said...

Your before shots say to me, "Creative person at work!" I know it always feels great to tidy up though! Happy holiday season to you!

viv said...

I wish my workroom looked as tidy as yours does when you say it is untidy