Tuesday, 27 January 2015

"Liberate your Art" postcard swap

I signed up for this for 2014, but at the last minute I had to pull out, as I simply hadn't had the time to do anything about it, so when the opportunity to sign up again for 2015 arrived in an email, I have to admit to a bit of umming and ahhing before I eventually decided to go for it in mid-December.

Having got Christmas and New Year out of the way, I then needed to think about what sort of entry I was going to make, and eventually opted to go for a photograph as being possibly the easiest art form to turn into a postcard. Decision made, there was then a search for a suitable subject, and this presented itself to me just over a week ago when we had a particularly cold spell of weather.

In order to have some work done on the brick paths surrounding the house it was necessary to relocate a lot of garden and growing bits and pieces onto the decking, including this large, clearish plastic container with a pale blue removable lid, into which I had emptied the soil from a few pots. This container had a few windblown leaves on the top, and, after a shower, some rainwater.

Next morning we had a frost and the water was frozen, and there, staring me in the face, was my photo subject. So this will be my "Liberate your Art" entry for 2015.

There is still time if you want to join in, just follow this link to sign up.


Sandie said...

Beautiful leaf Joy, perfect for your postcard. I decided not to take part as I have so many other posted projects planned. I hope you receive some nice swaps in exchange.

yvonne said...

Love the icy leaf x x

Patricia said...

Beautiful photo Joy. P x

karen said...

That is lovely Joy, Not heard of this swap. x