Friday, 30 January 2015

Lunch with Eileen and a bag of goodies

Eileen, of in my Playroom, and I live about 10 miles apart and enjoy meeting up for lunch every now and then. This time we met in Westbury which is roughly halfway between us (although if I'm honest it's marginally closer for me than for her), and enjoyed a very pleasant couple of hours eating and chatting in Madame Butterfly. As is usually the case we were both far too busy to take any photos of our meals but I can assure you that we enjoyed our food, and both indulged ourselves with dessert - even though I had my Slimming World meeting the next day!

If you take a look at Eileen's blog (link above) you will see that she is having a bit of a declutter, and I was the very lucky recipient of a bag of goodies from her, which I didn't get to look at until after I arrived home. Wow! So much lovely stuff. Too much to show all in one photo, so here it all is in three. Firstly lots of papers, including some music books and some shiny card,

and various other bits and pieces, embellishments, stickers etc.

Many thanks Eileen.


Sandie said...

What a lovely friend! It is so nice to catch up for lunch

Mum said...

Who's a lucky girl then. My eyes are on all those lovely buttons.

viv said...

Those goodies are great and I can imagine you will find a good use for them.
You've got a good friend there

...I am Nora..... said...

I'm on a de-clutter at the moment but have been stopped in my tracks by all the UFOs that I have been finishing up! But that is still de-cluttering of sorts....right? :/

My brother lives in Westbury, I do love Wiltshire <3 xx