Thursday, 8 January 2015

Weekly Photo prompts

Fat Mum Slim, who used to set monthly photo challenges, has changed for this year and is offering weekly prompts instead. The prompts for the first four days were:

1. The Sky

2. Something yellow - the post-it note that I wrote the prompts on

3. Me today (actually this was yesterday)

4. I hear - the clock striking three

Click here for the prompts for the next seven days


karen said...

Nice selection to go with the prompts. xx

Fundy Blue said...

You reminded me I have a pile of ironing to do! LOL! I've been under the weather, so I'm backed up with lots of chores. Vertigo, of all things! But I can enjoy visiting blogging friends. Have fun with your photo challenge! Loved your sky!

Eileen T said...

Great photos. Are you planning to do the whole year? Do you follow the facebook group?

Sandie said...

great idea. Would join in as I love sharing my photos but I must spend more time focusing on my other creative interests and sharing these too. Looking forward to seeing more of your daily photos though.

Maria Ontiveros said...

I just started following her daily photo prompts on instagram with her "Little Moments" app.