Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Chicken Dopiaza

When my lovely neighbour, Sue, heard that I was attending Slimming World, she gave me this booklet (thanks Sue),

so when GM requested chicken curry for tea last night, rather than resort to the somewhat strenuous activity of opening a jar of curry sauce I decided to have a flick through the Indian section, and was delighted to find a recipe for my favourite:

Now, bearing in mind that I haven't made a curry sauce for quite some considerable time, I was delighted to find that I actually had, hidden in the back of one of my cupboards, all the necessary additions, as well as a couple of halves of onions and half a tin of chopped tomatoes in the fridge. Bingo. As this was a first attempt and only the two of us to eat it (and also as I already had the half tin of chopped tomatoes sitting waiting in the fridge) I halved all the quantities.

For the uninitiated, Dopiaza quite literally means double onion. The recipe actually called for half of the onion, together with the garlic and ginger, to be blended in a food processor, but I dont have one so I just chopped the onion and garlic as small as I could

and then popped them into the pan with the ginger

added a dash of water and cooked slowly for about 10 minutes until they were softish, then added the tomatoes,

the rest of the water and the other spices, and cooked slowly again for another 15 minutes or so,

When the first lot of onions were really soft it was time to add the second lot

and simmer gently for about 20 minutes.

While all this was going on I had cooked a chicken leg in the oven, which I stripped from the bone

added to the sauce

and gently warmed to make sure everything was at the same temperature before dishing up with some saffron rice, GM's preferred accompaniment.

I have to say that this sauce was absolutely delicious, it wasn't too hot, I guess if you prefer a hot sauce you could just up the necessary spices a little, but just right for my palate, with the added bonus of being completely syn-free. It will most definitely become a staple in our house, and next time I might try a slightly hotter sauce, although I dont think I'm quite ready yet to experiment with the vindaloo.


Fat Dormouse said...

It looks good, Joy - especially with no syns!! I'm having a potato-broccoli-chickpea curry tonight on my fasting day. It's only 12.20 and I'm REALLY looking forward to dinner!!!

Patricia said...

Right up my street Joy. We love a curry. I have that book from my (recent) S/W days. Having a short break right now but it'd be good to share recipes and tips. P x

Mum said...

Oh yum!