Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Send a Little Love Swap

Back in January I signed up for Mad About Bags' "Send a Little Love Swap" and I was partnered with the lovely Fat Dormouse.

FD and I swapped a few emails, finding out a little bit about each other, and then proceeded to gather together the items to send one another. We both posted our packages at the same time, and both received them on the same day (I forgot to take any photos of the things I sent, so you'll just have to keep an eye on FD's blog if you're interested)

I love receiving packages through the post, especially when they are from foreign lands - FD is an English lady living in France.

Inside the outer wrapping I found this,

so, being more than a little intrigued, I left the envelope until last and proceeded to unwrap the various other packages. One of the items to be included was something handmade, FD had told me that she likes to draw Zentangles, and was there a specific subject that I would like, so I suggested knitting, and just look what she has come up with, isn't it fabulous?

This will be mounted and framed and hung in my studio. I just love it so much.

Another item was to be heart-shaped or heart-themed, so this lovely little tray fitted that bill just nicely.

Something deliciously edible was another item to be included, but as I am currently attending Slimming World and successfully shedding weight, I specifically requested "no chocs" as I didn't wish to be tempted, so FD sent me a pack of delicious (and sugar-free) Vichy mints, as well as a fridge magnet depicting a huge Roquefort cheese (you can almost smell it from here, can't you?).

Something red, well FD also makes the most fabulous cards and she sent me a selection, a couple of which are red, and all of which are really, really lovely. (Scroll quickly past these if naked ladies are not to your taste.)

and last, but by no means least, FD included this lovely scarf, which has a very French feel to it, I love it, and will feel very chic with it draped sexily (ha ha) around my neck.

By then it was time to open the final envelope, inside which was a lovely long letter.

To say that I am delighted with my swap gifts would be an understatement, I am simply gobsmacked, both by FD's generosity and by her talent, so all that's left for me to say is a very big "Thankyou" to Tracy for organising this swap, and to FD "Merci beaucoup, mon amie".


Patricia said...

What a lovely swap Joy. I'd be equally delighted with such a gorgeous array of loveliness. Lucky you. P x

Maggie said...

What lovely presents! What a treat to receive them!

Hannah Brooker said...

What a beautiful swap Joy xx

Fat Dormouse said...

I'm glad you liked them. I'll blog about your lovely gifts at the weekend.

Fat Dormouse said...

And now I have blogged about them. Thank you so much, Joy! They are lovely.

Tracy said...

What fabulous swap goodies, I'm glad you enjoyed the swap, there is a link party over on my blog xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

What a fun swap! And the cheese magnet is perfect food-related for those of us watching our figures!

Laura said...

That zentangle is awesome! It is lovely to see what everyone else received, thanks for sharing!

Pat's Patch said...

Lovely gifts. Pat x