Wednesday, 25 February 2015

The Eighth week

Up till now I've been posting my 2015 365 of photos on a separate blog, but, sadly, it's not getting many page views, and, although I write my blog for me rather than anyone else, I would feel happier if others were reading it too, so from now onwards it will appear here on Daisy Row instead. If you would like to see weeks 1-7 please look here.

Day 50

A daffodil in flower in the conservatory

Day 51

Crocus in flower just outside the back door

Day 52

Snowdrops, also just outside the back door

Day 53

Frost on the outside of the conservatory window

Day 54

GT came to visit, stayed overnight - his car in the morning

Day 55

Chicken curry in a home-made dopiaza sauce from a Slimming World recipe

Day 56

Soldiers and Sailors in the garden

How was your week?


Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy
If it's any consolation, I'm not getting as many views or comments as I have in the past. People are increasingly busy and sometimes just don't have the time to spend on blog reading/commenting that they would like. I look on views/comments as an added bonus! We just need to keep going and not take it personally, I think.
Best wishes

viv said...

Joy, I didn't know about this that is why I didn't read it. I wouldn't mind joining you.
Lovely photos, by the way

viv said...

Ps. I should have known as I seem to be following it but I had obviously forgotten about it.

Beverley Holland said...

I am also not getting many comments so it seems that people are in too much of a rush... just read and go.... Love your photo's pity you do not live nearer you could give me a few lessons.

Beverley Holland said...

I left you a comment but not sure it is getting through... but if not I will try again. I agree people are just reading and going if they ever arrive !

Maggie said...

Comments do seem to vary a lot. I too seem to have less recently. I am only an amateur though! I have also noticed that some comments get through without me getting an email. I love you daily photos. Those numbers are going to get more anymore tricky to find!