Friday, 20 February 2015

They've gone

For the past three and a half months the petrol station at the end of our road has been undergoing renovation, mainly to have new tanks installed. We were a bit apprehensive before the work started about the amount of disturbance that it might cause, but on the whole I have to say that the contractors have been really good - the only time we were aware of them being there was when they used a huge drill to break up the concrete forecourt in order to remove the old tanks, for a couple of days we could feel the whole house vibrating each time the drill was in action.

And yesterday morning I looked outside and saw this

which (I guessed correctly) meant that the portacabins they had been using as a site office and loos were about to be removed. I'm a bit of a freak for heavy machinery, so I couldn't resist another photo-opportunity - if you aren't that interested I really dont mind if you want to leave now.

Here is the first one being lifted and loaded

As I then had to go out I wasn't able to watch the second one being lifted, but from my studio window I could just see them preparing for the lift (as well as a whole load of moss on the roof of the conservatory!)

Later during the day I had an opportunity to pop round and have a chat with the site manager to compliment him and his crew on a job well done, and I know one person (GM) who will be happy not to have to walk down to town for tomorrow morning's newspaper.


Eileen T said...

I didn't realise that the garage was so close to your house. I didn't know you were a heavy machinery nut - you'd have got on well with Ced!

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Fabulous photos of the cabins being loaded and well done you for complimenting the manager and his crew! It seems now that there are more complaints than compliments so it's nice to hear! Suzy x

Fat Dormouse said...

You do like a big piece of machinery, don't you?! As Suzy said, it's always good to compliment folk!