Friday, 6 March 2015

5 in 5, Hinamatsuri

One of my DiLs is Japanese, so both of her daughters (GD1 and GD3) are half Japanese. They live in the UK, speak English, and when they are old enough they will attend local schools. However it is only to be expected that they will also be taught about their Japanese heritage, some of the language and traditions. The tradition of Hinamatsuri (or Girl's Day) occurs on 3rd March each year, and this year I was staying with them on that day. At the moment, because they are both quite young, they share the traditional costume, first GD1 wears it, then her little sister.

5 in 5 is the brain-child of Sandie at itchifingers, and you can see all the other entries here


Sandie said...

What an interesting post Joy, I've never heard of Hinamatsuri so enjoyed learning about it. What beautiful grand daughters! Thank you for sharing your photos and joining in this month, it is lovely to see all the different takes on 5 in 5.

Miriam said...

This is beautiful Joy, the girls and their costume. And some learning for me too. A gorgeous 5