Friday, 13 March 2015


Another recipe from the lovely Slimming World sauces recipe book that I tried this week is spaghetti bolognese

I've been making my own version of this lovely meal for several years now from a recipe in a cookery book that we had when we were first married, and which, I think, is now in the hands of GO, as we certainly don't have it at home. However, as I've made it so many times, I no longer need to refer to the actual book. This SW version differs only in that there is no alcohol added (boo hoo), instead using a bovril stock and artificial sweetener (which I dont generally approve of, but having won some in a recent SW raffle I just happened to have some available, otherwise I would leave it out).

All the vegetables are chopped into a pan with half of the bovril stock and cooked for a while

I had partially cooked the mince beforehand to sweat off any extra fat, then added it to the vegetables

then finally bunged in all the rest of the ingredients,

simmered for a while to steam off some of the excess moisture, then served with spaghetti, delicious and totally syn-free.

As with the various other recipes that I've tried from this handy little book, I have halved all the quantities so as to make just enough for two, however, now that we have at long last installed a new fridge-freezer in the kitchen, which doubles our capacity, I shall in future make the full amount and freeze the extra two portions.

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KC'sCourt! said...

I to have been making spag bol for years! More or less the same recipe as that one. I start it the day before and why would you put sweetner in............?
Julie xxxxx