Thursday, 19 March 2015

Week Eleven

Day 71

I got this letter the other day, it really made me laugh. "You will still be able to use your pass in the rest of England, including Swindon, as before." They must be aware that I am not keen on Swindon, and fully intend never to go there again! (p.s. this image has been photoshopped to highlight the funny bit, it didn't arrive like this)

Day 72

Two pictures for the price of one today. I received these lovely papers in the post from Fiona (sorry Fiona, I cant find a link to your blog, perhaps you could leave one in the comments, please), so I set to and followed her instructions, not that my picture is beautiful, but I had fun doing it.

Day 73

GO and EG popped in on their way home from their holiday to collect the rats, who had been staying with us, and they left me a nice bottle of wine for Mothers Day

Day 74

One of my Mothers Day cards had a nice picture of Cassie and me inside it, drawn by the lovely GD1

Day 75

I bought some tomato seeds from Lidl, packaged in their own mini propogator

Day 76

I love my pincushion, it's just like a cupcake, but with zero calories.

Day 77

I started knitting this sweater in the autumn of 2013, got about halfway through it, then put it to one side for a while and started something else. I re-engaged with it a couple of months ago and now, at long last, it's finished, and will be put away for next winter.

How was your week?


Maggie said...

I love the inventiveness of your numbers! Looks like GO knows the way to your heart! I love the Mother's Day drawing too and your picture!

Fat Dormouse said...

Lovely pullover! I envy your talent.
Lots of lovely pictures - and isn't it a relief to know that you are still able to go to Swindon!?! You must be *so* pleased!