Thursday, 12 March 2015

Week Ten

Day 64

I thought this was going to be a crocosmia that couldn't read a calendar, I'd completely forgotten that I'd planted some freesia bulbs

Day 65

Slimming World recipe for Rogan Josh (see this post), it was delicious

Day 66

Someone has been decorating trees in our park, this really made me smile

Day 67

We have house guests. GO and EG have gone away for a few days, so Chomsky and Sioux are staying here with us

Day 68

I decided that I would put £1.00 in a cup for every 1lb that my weight decreases. So far this year my weight has decreased by 5lb, so there is a five-pound-note in the cup. My aim is to have roughly £40 to spend on new clothes by midsummer.

Day 69

GM had a significant birthday (I find it hard to believe that I'm now married to a pensioner!). It was a gloriously sunny day and he wanted to take a walk to the top of Cley Hill, so here we are together, both still young at heart even if a bit older than we would choose to be. (The walking sticks are for decoration purposes only - but are pretty useful when hill-climbing)

Day 70

Another Slimming World recipe, this time for spag/bol - watch out for my next blogpost for the recipe in full - again, quite delicious.

How was your week?


Eileen T said...

That's a lovely photo of the two of you. Belated Happy Birthday to the pensioner in your life!

Mum said...

What wonderful pictures - food and you two of course. Happy BIrthday GM.

Maggie said...

That is a lovely photo of you both. Freesia bulbs, that is something I have never tried.