Friday, 17 April 2015

A saucy post

Now, what were you expecting?

Hate to disappoint you, but this post is just about another sauce from the Slimming World booklet.

This time I decided to give sweet and sour sauce a go, as we were having pork ribs for tea and wanted a tasty pour-on sauce to go with them.

It's a very simple sauce to make, as you can see from the instructions. I'm not a fan of artificial sweetener, so I substituted a tsp of honey instead, which worked out well. I guess once you are familiar with it, it would take slightly less time than the 20 minutes suggested. Here's a pan shot of all the wet ingredients with the puree and chopped red pepper.

I bought pineapple rings instead of chunks as they were marginally cheaper, it's easy enough to cut them up into small pieces.

Here's the finished article.

Verdict from GM - "That's the nicest sweet and sour sauce I've ever tasted" - I'd call that a success.


Crafty in the Med said...

Now just what was I thinking when I zoomed into your blog drawn by the scandalous title.....ha!!! you got me there!
I'm quite partial to sweet and sour sauce so I think I'll have a bash at this. I like the idea of adding honey too as like yourself I am not keen on using artificial sweetener. It certainly looks delicious in the photo!
many thanks for sharing!!!

keep well

Amanda xx

Mum said...

Keep that one on the menu then!

Fat Dormouse said...

Sounds delish! The Hairy Dieters do a sweet-and-sour recuipe too. I wonder how it compares.
I'm a fan of the Hairy Dieters, and having had a few weeks off them I'm going back to their recipe books for our meals.