Sunday, 5 April 2015

Five in five on 5th, and a bit of a winge.

Let's get the winge over and done with first. I don't do illness! I'm very rarely ill these days, the last time I can remember being ill was December 07- January 08. But ill I have been. It started mildly enough with a sore throat and then a bit of a cough, GM had it first and I followed a couple of days after him. His cleared up, despite the added annoyance of a touch of conjuctivitis, after about 5 days, so a couple of days after that I expected to be better too, but in fact I was worse. After a couple of very bad sleepless nights due to coughing all night long, I eventually succumbed, saw the doctor, was diagnosed with bronchitis and given a prescription for antibiotics. I'm not that keen on taking antibiotics, but by that time I was so tired and exhausted that I would have taken arsenic if it promised to relieve my cough and aching chest. I've been on the antibiotics for three days now, and am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel, the coughing is gradually subsiding, I'm sleeping through for most of the night and the only other remaining symptom is a very muzzy head.

So, having now been shut up indoors for several days, I really felt the need to venture out, even if just outside the back door. During my enforced indoor captivity the weather has been particularly bad, cold, wet and windy, so at least I don't feel as if I could have been out doing stuff in the garden. I opened the back door to step out and take a breath of fresh air, then nipped back in to get my camera as I remembered that 5 on 5 was imminent. As I was still feeling a bit shaky I just took 5 photos and didn't venture further afield than a couple of metres from the door. One of the photos is a bit blurry, but as that's exactly how my brain feels right now, I have left it in.

Thankfully we didn't have any plans for the Easter weekend - why venture out on the roads when that's what everyone else is doing? - so I am now just hoping that I'll be feeling better before next weekend, when I plan to travel to see the grandchildren and their parents.

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Eileen T said...

Snap, we've gone for the same theme this month ... great minds think alike as they say!

Sorry to hear you've been poorly and I hope you feel much better soon.

karen said...

Hope you feel much better very soon. I hate being ill as well very inconvenient. Xx

helena said...

hope you are on the mend - lack of sleep due to coughing is so exhausting

Maggie said...

Hope you feel better soon. Some of the bugs really have lingered this year. The weather seems a bit better now so hopefully that will help.

Rita said...

I came on visite , enjoyed the photo's ,nice blog

Sandie said...

Sorry to hear you have both been so unwell Joy. At least the poor weather did not leave you frustrated you couldn't get into the garden.
Thank you for taking part and sharing these photos. It just shows you don't have to go far to take good shots, I love the rain drops on the tulips and hope they soon give you some colour and cheer. Wishing you both a speedy recovery.

Miriam said...

I do hope by now that you are feeling much better? Your five pictures are lovely, nothing beats a photo (or 5) of raindrops on spring flowers.