Sunday, 19 April 2015

Stepping through my day

Advance warning : photo heavy

I've been trying to find an accurate pedometer for ages, and at last, after having spent several pounds on a few rubbish ones that clip onto the waistband, I think I've found one that works properly - and it was FREE. It is an app on my newish super-intelligent smarter-than-me phone called Steps, part of the MSN Health and Fitness app. I've had it for about a month now and it seems to be pretty accurate. As I've found that trying to do the recommended 10,000 steps a day is pretty difficult without going for a five-mile hike each day (which I really dont have time for) I've set my target for 8,000 steps instead. Yesterday was a fairly typical day, I spent most of it at home doing a few chores and some cooking, popped out briefly to the shops and spent the evening on the sofa. So here we are taking Steps through my day.

7am, I've had breakfast and I'm now at my desk checking overnight emails, Facebook and blog entries.

8am, time to have a read of the newspaper

9am, time to ring mum

10am. Down to Morrisons for a spot of shopping

11am. Back home, and I've bought myself some new trainer socks now that spring is here.

12 noon. Time to join GM for a relaxing beer in the conservatory

1pm. Spending some time revisiting a webinar, hosted by my friend Clare, for which I have been asked to write a testimonial. (It will be with you soon, Clare, I promise)

2pm and there is a pile of ironing that needs to be done

3pm, taking a break, reading the local paper and enjoying an orange

4pm, and the meat goes into the oven

5pm, a good result

Cooked and ate tea, watched a bit of TV, overall a fairly sedentary evening, and the final number as I put the phone on charge overnight.

Maybe I should try a bit harder tomorrow.


Eileen T said...

It looks like a good app. Is that the one that maps your route on the walks?

joy said...

No Eileen, thats a different one, called Route Tracker

Mum said...

10 000 steps is a heck of a way. You did very well.

Tracy said...

Thanks for sharing Joy, I'll have a look at this app too x

Unknown said...

Hmm might have to have a look at this app :) x