Thursday, 2 April 2015

Week Thirteen and the end of the first quarter.

Day 85

Sports Direct have just opened a new branch in town, and seem to be having a permanent sale, so I popped in to have a look round, as I seriously needed some new walking shoes. I was chuffed to bits to get these, for only £17.99.

 Day 86

As I was also in need of some new trainers, I went back the next day and bought these, a bit of an extravagance at £21.99.

 Day 87

It seems to be turning into a "new things" week, I picked these up in Lidl at £1.99 a box. Looking forward to trying out the oil paints, I've never used them before.

 Day 88

First picnic in the car lunchtime of this year, we took ourselves off to the top of Parsonage Down, which is geographically part of Salisbury Plain, but being to the west of the Wylye Valley it's not part of the militarized area - being instead open farmland. A very pleasant spot, but a bit too cold to venture out of the car.

Day 89

GT came for tea, so I made a pasty pie, this is all that's left after our meal.

 Day 90

More new stuff! A summer shirt for £5.00 in Peacocks' sale

Day 91

My new, and pretty smart, phone is quite a bit larger than my old (ancient) Nokia, and doesn't fit too well in some of my pockets, but as I have installed a pedometer onto it I need to have it about my person all the time, rather than in my handbag, so I've made myself an extra pocket to carry it in. (Commissions taken)

How was your week?

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Eileen T said...

I'll have a look in the local Lidl on my way out today. I'm doing a watercolour and acrylics course in June and those paints would be just the things for me. Especially the price!