Monday, 18 May 2015

Dhansak sauce . . .

. . . for Eileen, and anyone else who is following my home-made curry sauce attempts. This is another recipe from the Slimmers World sauce book that my neighbour Sue gave me a while back.

As usual, I halved the ingredients for two of us, and, as I didn't have a couple of the spices in stock I improvised a little by upping the quantity of couple of the others. Also I had only red lentils.

I also added the mushrooms, even though they weren't in the list of ingredients, because we had them in the fridge and they needed using up.

The recipe calls for a food processor, but I don't have one, so I crushed the garlic with my pestle and mortar and chopped the (red) onions as small as I could, added the spices and cooked very gently (with some added water) until the onions were soft, then continued to follow the recipe,

When I got to this stage, I realized that maybe I should have transferred the cooking process into a saucepan, certainly if you were doing the full quantity you would need to, unless you were using a giant frying pan.

Served over a pre-cooked chicken thigh on a bed of saffron rice, it was delicious.

Once again I would say that, despite halving the quantities, there was still more than double the amount of sauce that GM and I could manage in one meal - this isn't a problem for us, as I just bung the surplus in the freezer, but if you try any of these recipes be aware that you will end up with more sauce than you were expecting.


Eileen T said...

Thank Joy, I'll try this one when I get back from Anglesey.

Anonymous said...

Now that really does look very nice, the weather is rotten here, I could just eat that now x