Friday, 22 May 2015

Our second walk of the year

Thursday was a lovely bright and sunny day, which was lucky, because it was also our wedding anniversary and we had planned to go for a walk if the conditions allowed. Conditions were perfect, in that although bright and sunny, it wasn't too hot. I had found us a decent circular route to walk, ending at the Red Lion in Kilmington - however, although we did end up at the pub, the circular walk didn't quite work out, as the planned route was to take us through a field of cattle with lots of young calves, which neither of us fancied, so we just continued to walk along in a straight line until we'd covered roughly two and a half miles, then turned round and returned along the same route.

From the car park we climbed up an escarpment to the top of White Sheet Down, then carried on along the ridge, heading roughly south-eastwards. The rest of this post is just photos to give you a flavour of our walk. Enjoy (we did).


Maggie said...

Its a shame when a walk doesn't work out quite as planned but it does look like you had a good walk anyway. It makes me want to explore that area more. I have been to Stourhead many times and done a walk from King Alfred's Tower. This looks like a new possibility.
It is awkward when there are cows and calves and I understand your reluctance after the tragedy at Winsley last year. You don't appear to have a dog so I am sure you would have been ok and a walkers stick waved at them is a good defence but the trouble is we can't run and vault over the fence so easily these days can we?!

Evi said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! No worries about commenting, I've had so limited time the past few months I stopped commenting on other blogs and replying to other people's comments on mine. I always remember your "onwards and upwards" comment 2 years ago. So encouraging! :)

Beautiful photos!

Enjoy the weekend!

karen said...

What a lovely walk, and a perfect way to end it. xx