Friday, 8 May 2015


I do like a bit of ratatouille now and again, and when I was in Lidl the other day and spotted some nice looking courgettes, I decided to have a go at making my own. I found this recipe and printed it to use (but to be honest, I'm sure there are better recipes out "there" in web world, and I wont be using this one again).

As usual with most recipes, as there are only the two of us at home and neither of us has a huge appetite, I halved the quantities listed.

The recipe called for fresh tomatoes, but as I discovered I didn't have enough in stock I cheated by using a tin of chopped tomatoes instead.

All ingredients were chopped - remembering that aubergines turn brown very quickly I did them last instead of first,

and then individually fried for five minutes

before being stirred together in a large saucepan and cooked some more.

I served this with some steamed fish and new potatoes for a tasty meal, but, as mentioned above, I wont be using this recipe again, for the following reasons.

1. The quantity of finished product (given that I halved the quantities) was more like 8 servings than 2.
2. It was courgette heavy (although this was my fault, as the recipe called for small ones, and the ones I bought were probably verging on the larger side of medium)
3. It was tomato light, despite using a 400g tin instead of 4 fresh tomatoes.
4. As already mentioned, the recipe suggested cutting the aubergine first, but (and I only found this out by doing a web search) aubergines discolour fairly quickly when exposed to the air, so should be left until last.

I was able to overcome the tomato problem by adding a couple of chopped fresh tomatoes and some tomato paste for our second tasting two days later (with chicken and boiled potatoes), but we still have at least another three or four servings in the fridge and I'm not sure it will freeze well because the contents are likely to turn to mush.
So, overall, I would say that this wasn't one of my best attempts, but I have learned some lessons from it, and will definitely be having another go at making my own ratatouille.


Maggie said...

I always end up making far more ratatouille than I intend and there are 4 of us. I sometimes use my wok to make it.

Kimberley said...

i'd love to eat that - boys wouldn't but adults would.

Mrs G said...

Ratatouille freezes ok - add another tin of tomatoes to what's left, or a huge blob of puree :D

Or - add some chunked cooked chicken and a tin of toms, a little bit of chilli and serve with rice or bread :)

Christine Tj said...

Well- the most important thing is that you learn from little mistakes, then you willk now what does and doesn't work! But all those colorful veggies look great! :)

I'd like to invite you to enter my birthday giveaway!! (US addresses only though.) See you on my bloggie soon!


Tracy said...

I love ratatouille too, shame your recipe didn't work out x

Fat Dormouse said...

You can zuzz it and use it for a good soup. That's what I often do! I often make rat in the oven - roast the veggies, adding cherry tomatoes and mushrooms and garlic a bit later on in the cooking time. Then when everything is soft tip into a bowl, stir vigourously to break up the tomatoes a bit, add a bit of pesto (if you're allowed it syn-wise!) and serve. That way you can guage the veg content better too.
But definitely soup for the disappointing rat.