Thursday, 7 May 2015

Week Eighteen

Day 120

This lovely sign, made for me by the lovely Tracy, of Mad About Bags, and which is also the header of my blog (see above), is waiting to be rehung on the new door to my studio, but the door has to be painted first, so it will be a little while - we have several to paint!

Day 121

Lots of tomato plants in the conservatory. Each pot has a standard tomato and a mini tomato, hoping for a good crop this year.

Day 122

On the third anniversary of our arrival here we bought some flowers for ourselves, they are still all looking good,  here is one on its own on the bedroom windowsill.

Day 123

we had a lot, lot of rain (well, it was a bank holiday weekend!)

Day 124

Bank holiday Monday, a spot of painting in the kitchen - almost finished now.

Day 125

A trip to Salisbury Cathedral to see one of the four remaining originals of the Magna Carta

Day 126

Ants on the raspberry canes can only mean one thing, they are farming the aphids. Time for some non-chemical aphid removal strategies, I think, i.e. squashing.

How was your week?


Sue in Suffolk said...

I like your day by days of the year photos, where did you get the idea and has anyone ever copied your idea, it's so clever

Hannah Brooker said...

Love your ideas for these photos joy. The ant one I like a lot. X