Friday, 5 June 2015

5 in 5 on 5, from my kitchen I can see . . .

beautiful blue nigella, or love-in-the-mist,

pretty delicate pink aquilegia, or granny's bonnet,

blackberry flowers

sweetly scented honeysuckle (complete with greenfly)

and the lovely understated cranesbill geranium.

I'm joining in with Sandie's five on five which you can see here


Sandie said...

Beautiful Joy!! The stamens look like they are dancing, it is such a lovely time of year and these make me nostalgic. Our garden was once filled with these flowers but it makes me realise how must has been lost over the years. Space gave way to evergreen shrubs, ferns and bamboo as I didn't have time while I worked and studied to maintain the garden. Now it is time to recapture it and all those beautiful flowers! Thank you for inspiring me and for taking part again this month, I always look forward to seeing your photos and garden.

Maggie said...

Beautiful close ups.

helena said...

beautiful blooms and how lovely to be able to see them all at home