Friday, 12 June 2015

Can I stand it?

We don't have lap-tops, Ipads or any other mini computing machines (apart from my phone, which is just a toy really), we have proper tower computers, with good old-fashioned monitors and keyboards. Mine is situated on/under my desk in my studio.

During the course of an average day I :

check Facebook
read blogs
check emails
write emails
fill out my Weightwatchers chart
work out our meal schedule
buy stuff
upload, edit and sort photographs
take a look at the weather forecast
play games

over the course of an average week I also:

update our finances
write several blogposts

at least once a month I :

burn my photos on to DVD
reconcile bank statements

and now and again I :

Skype friends and family
attend webinars

. . . so it is quite possible for me to spend a fair amount of time sitting at my desk. Some time back, probably a couple of years ago, GM and I watched a programme on TV about how much fitter we would all be if we didn't spend so much time sitting at computers. I thought, well this doesn't really apply to me because I do other things as well which keep me on my feet, I clean the house, I garden, I cook, I go shopping, walk to the pub etc. etc., however GM, whose retirement hobby is software engineering, decided to take this to heart and re-organised his office area so that he could stand up while working at his PC. And this is where he works now. He has a high stool so that he can sit down if he needs/wants to, but mostly he doesn't.

He asked me at the time if I would like him to construct something similar for me, but I declined.  Recently, however, in a bid to become fitter I installed a pedometer app on my phone and was amazed to find how much more I needed to move myself in order to reach my set target of 7,000 steps a day. After a bit of thought I decided that I really do spend too much time sitting down at my desk, so I asked him if maybe we could re-organise my work space to match his. A permanent solution will take a bit of thinking about, so as a temporary measure he has come up with this arrangement.

(with thanks to Sandie and Clive for the tables). I'll let you know how it works out.


Jane Carroll said...

My daughter's work has installed desks where they can either stand or are right on the cutting edge! I can't wait to hear how that works for you Joy. I have started using a stability ball instead of a chair which is supposed to be good for your core. I haven't seen that much improvement but do find it comfortable.

Maggie said...

I do like your comment " I walk to the pub" ! I noticed the girl (well she looked a girl to me ) was standing rather than the usual sitting. Have to say I am addicted to my IPad!

Barbara said...

That's interesting, I will check back to see how you like it.

Sandie said...

Interesting idea. I'll wait to hear how it works out. I like the idea of sitting on a stability ball, but tend to have too much clutter under my desk so it might not fit!

karen said...

What phone app pedometer do you use? X

joy said...

Initial thoughts, The height isn't quite right (only by a centimetre or two) so I am getting slight backache, and because the mouse is level with the monitor rather than the keyboard, I'm getting a bit of an ache in my right shoulder, but on the whole I'm definitely spending less time at my PC, which was the object of the exercise.
Karen, my pedometer app is called "Steps", from MSN health and fitness.

karen said...

Thanks Joy. x