Thursday, 11 June 2015

Week Twenty Three

Day 155

Nigella, or Love-in-the-Mist.

Day 156

Honeysuckle, smells divine.

Day 157

The tomato plants went outside (they were subsequently brought back inside the conservatory to avoid a couple of near-frosty overnight temperatures).

Day 158

An early Sunday morning walk around the lake, so early, in fact, that we only saw a couple of dog-walkers.

Day 159

It's the Warminster Thing. (see here)

Day 160

A trip out to Pylle (not sure how this is pronounced, we say "pill", but I guess it could be "pile"?)

Day 161

Inside the Nog Inn, at Wincanton, where we enjoyed a very pleasant lunch. I love the way the street name appears over the door, just in case you get so drunk you can't remember where you are.

How was your week?

1 comment:

Mum said...

Our week was good but don't they pass quickly. It's Friday again tomorrow.