Thursday, 30 July 2015

Week thirty

Day 204

It may be raining every day at the moment, but the hanging baskets still need watering. Really?

Day 205

I've started my next painting, which I am (loosely) copying from a photo posted by Eileen, on her blog, with her permission of course.

Day 206

GM and I are trying something a little different, a coach trip to London

Day 207

Then a trip on the Underground

Day 208

Our final destination was:

Day 209

Then, of course, we came home again. Firstly on the (overground) Underground . . .

Day 210

. . . to Hammersmith for the coach. This statue was at the entrance to Hammersmith Broadway shopping precinct.

How was your week?


Maggie said...

I love trips to London. Lived there for 6 years so it's a great trip down memory lane. I think that chap hasn't got enough to do. I am always relieved when I haven't got to do the watering can round!

Sandie said...

Lovely photos Joy. I have lost pace with this since my Shetland trip and want to pick it up again as I enjoy the idea of posting weekly photos. I love how you continue to find numbers to represent the day, and hope the bus journey worked out well for you.

Kimberley said...

awh - Hammersmith was my old shopping suburb!(we lived in Shepherds Bush). Makes me want to run back to London! Husband's sister has given up on New Zealand and is moving back to London, so we may get back there again!