Monday, 20 July 2015

Week Twenty Eight

Day 190

One of our tomatoes

Day 191


Day 192

These papers arrived in the post which I bought from Sandie

Day 193

Spotted in town, unusual wedding transport

Day 194

Took a sneaky peek at my pedometer

Day 195

The front garden is starting to fill up nicely, it was pretty bare when we arrived here three years ago.

Day 196

Not a very clear picture, it was on full zoom and the bird was moving, but a mouthful of worms has been collected and taken to feed the children.

How was your week?


Maggie said...

As the blackbird sticks to the worms and stops sneaking around my net for my berries!

Sandie said...

I must get back to my walking, a pedometer can help motivate. Love the shot of the blackbird.