Thursday, 9 July 2015

Week Twenty Seven

Day 183

 I've just started a new knitting project, and after only a few rows the pattern is emerging

Day 184

My second son, FO, is about to turn 40, so naturally cake of some description is involved.

Day 185

FO, CH, GD2 and GD4

Day 186

Also spent a day with DO, JP, GD1 and GD3, but it was very difficult to get all 4 of them in the same place at the same time, so here is a picture of a picture of them all.

Day 187

Back at home, and GM and I took a leisurely walk around the lake, the herons usually fly away as soon as you approach them, but this one just stood completely still.

 Day 188

I have several favourite flowers in the garden, but my favourite favourite is crocosmia, which will soon be in full bloom

Day 189

Popped into Wetherspoons for a lunchtime beer with GM - don't you think all these mirrors make it a bit of a visual nightmare? Or is it just me?

How was your week?


Karen Butfield said...

Lovely se of photos Joy xx

Maggie said...

I do love the inventiveness of your numbers such as the coins. That lovely family photo again and another one too!

Eileen T said...

Ooo herons. Is that in the park and are they often there?

joy said...

Eileen, yes it is and yes they are. I think there is a nesting pair on the island, we see at least one of them almost every time we go down there.

Barbara said...

I like looking at your weekly photos, it must take ages to find all those numbers!