Thursday, 2 July 2015

Week Twenty Six, and we're halfway through the year!

Day 176

These weeds just seemed to pop up overnight on our boundary, or did I just not notice them until now?

Day 177

A happy post day today, a gift from a friend of 25 years standing.

Day 178

The clematis have just started to open, I was so afraid I would miss the show while on holiday, but no, they waited for me to get back home

Day 179

One of the (many) daisies in our lawn

Day 180

A little gift from me to me, for the kitchen

Day 181

I really love these flowers, alstroemeria.

Day 182

I had to look this one up in my "Dr. Hessayon" and the closest I could find is called Desfontainea, but I'll be pleased if anyone can either confirm that or give me another name for it, as the leaves don't look quite as they do in the book.

How was your week?


Eileen T said...

I can't help you in naming your plant but am hoping you know the variety of your clematis, please. I love that deep purple/blue colour.

joy said...

Unfortunately not Eileen, it was here when we moved in, I'll investigate to see if I can take a cutting for you. Joy xx

buttercup said...

Mexican cigar plant and it is bang on 'right' looking

Ellie Foster said...

Dear Joy

Your plant looks like a Phygelius (Cape Figwort) which I think originated in South Africa so can be a bit tender here, although I had one which survived a couple of years outside. The clematis could be Warsaw Nike or Jackmanii, perhaps?
Have a good rest of the week.
Best wishes

Busy Little Chicken said...

I have the same clematis in my front garden Joy, and it is in full bloom! I have left it alone for the past few years, and thought I'd killed it off, but it seems to be quite hardy!! I'll put a pic of it on my blog (which I have been badly ignoring!!) x