Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Five in five on fifth, August

Early August and suddenly we have a glut of tomatoes.
What to do? Make chutney, of course.

Five on five is the brainchild of Sandie, you can read all about it here


Eileen T said...

Looks good!

Karen Butfield said...

Tomatoes never last long enough in this house to be turned into chutney lol. Yours is looking good. x

Sandie said...

I love chutney and still have jars of green tomato chutney from when we had an allotment. Lucky you having a glut of tomatoes, you must have green fingers. There's nothing like home grown food.
Thank you for taking part this month and I like your theme.

helena said...

looks delicious and well done for remembering to take photos during the process

Maggie said...

Your tomatoes are further forward than ours . We have not reached glut stage yet. I usually make tomato relish.