Friday, 14 August 2015

Week thirty two

Day 218

These lovely people have spent the whole day clearing off the moss from our roof. Thanks guys.

Day 219

An early morning view of the lake in the park from the top of the hill

Day 220

It's the day of the flying ants

Day 221

Not the best way to give your bike a wash!

Day 222

GO and EG have gone away for a few days, so we have house guests for the duration. This is Sioux (I think, or it could be Chomsky).

Day 223

I'm feeling glad all over (you will only get this if you remember the Dave Clark Five)

Day 224

Another lovely sunset, although this photo doesn't do justice to the colourings.

How was your week?


Eileen T said...

Thankfully, I didn't see any flying ants this year!

That sunset is glorious - my photos didn't capture the true depth of colour either.

Hope you're well and taking care of yourself.

Tracy said...

Paul had to deal with some flying ants outside his bird room this morning, your roof (and house) looks lovely and moss free. I hope you are all well x

Maggie said...

I missed the flying ants this year. I like the bikes in the pond. I hope you are looking after your very small visitors well!