Thursday, 3 September 2015

Week thirty five

Day 239

A bit of a treat, a shared bag of chips for lunch

Day 240

My friend, Kate, came to visit, by train. I met her at the station

Day 241

We spent the day in Salisbury, visited the Cathedral, revisited the Magna Carta, and saw most of the Baron's Trail. This one was made by the Kingdown School from Warminster.

Day 242

Sliced onions to go in the beef hot-pot for tea

Day 243

The first day in a very long time that it hasn't been cloudy at sunrise

Day 244

Regular readers will remember that I love my crocosmia, they haven't been quite as prolific this year, but they've certainly been long-lasting.

Day 245

The cone flowers in the front garden have put on a good show.

How was your week?

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