Thursday, 17 September 2015

Week thirty seven

Day 253

Almost there, just need to rework those clouds, again.

Day 254

Went for a walk, up Arn Hill and round the golf course, now heading back towards town.

Day 255

Another beautiful sunrise (disappointingly lightened up by blogger, yet again!)

Day 256

GD2 and GD4 called in again with their mum and dad, so I took them to the park to feed the ducks (not sure that GD4 is very impressed!)

Day 257

My new work area, well worth the wait, though it's not fully laden yet - this is far too tidy for me!

Day 258

The one and only flower on my little hydrangea this year - hoping for great things next year,

Day 259

It's starting to look almost autumnal in the park already

How was your week?


Eileen T said...

Your painting is lovely ... what size is it?

My hydrangea didn't flower this year but it has grown since I re-potted it, so I'm hoping for some blooms next year.

joy said...

The canvas is 40cm x 50cm

Lyn said...

Autumn is certainly on its way isn't it. I love your painting too xxx