Thursday, 10 September 2015

Week thirty six

Day 246

A day at the races

Day 247

GD2 came to see us

Day 248

. . . as did GD4 (here with her dad, FO)

Day 249

Breakfast time at Daisy Row

Day 250

A relaxing lunch time walk and picnic at Sheerwater

Day 251

Ducks being fed at the lake in the park

Day 252

Nasturtiums are just starting to flower, a bit late this year

How was your week?


Fundy Blue said...

Hey, Joy! What darling photos of your family ~ sweet kiddos! My week has been awesome so far! Very busy with travels, but so much fun!

Maggie said...

Lovely pics of GD2 and GD4. Beautiful reflection at Sheerwater.

Karen Butfield said...

Your grandchildren re so lovely. x