Thursday, 22 October 2015

Week Forty Two

Day 288

I bought myself some new 30cm x 60 cm canvases, one of them will be used to paint a coastal scene for the bathroom.

Day 289

GM and I took a road trip to Plymouth to spend the day with S-i-l and B-i-l

Day 290

What? More beer? Yes, Marstons Pedigree, it was lovely.

Day 291

A bowl of fuchsias on the mantle shelf

Day 292

Warminster Obelisk

Day 293

These shadows caught my eye

Day 294

It was a very wet day

How was your week?


Elaine said...

Brilliant photos :)

Maggie said...

I still smile at the clever way you depict the numbers! Great picture of the shadow on the steps.

Sandie said...

Good to see you back with this weekly collection Joy. Sadly I lost the thread when I came back from the Shetland's as there was so much else to catch up with. Keep thinking I will pick up again as I did enjoy posting and seeing yours.