Friday, 9 October 2015

Week forty

Day 274

Today we popped over to Frome to collect from Argos, and on the way home we stopped at the Woolpack for a quick beer.

Day 275

This lovely dry spell of autumnal weather we've been enjoying of late means that GM and I were able to take another walk, this time we started in Westbury and walked back home via Upton Scudamore.

Day 276

(this photo was taken quite some time ago, it's a lot less days to Christmas now!)

There is still a fair bit going on in the garden.

Day 277

Another coach trip to London, on a rainy day

Day 278

On the way home again, waiting to catch the underground train into London

Day 279

Another lovely sunrise to welcome another lovely day

Day 280

Michaelmas daisies

How was your week?

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Karen Butfield said...

Lovely collection Joy. X