Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Week forty five

Day 309

I love my new cardi,

Day 310

my new oven,

Day 311

my new colouring in book,

Day 312

and my new beer flavour.

Day 313

Spinach for tea tonight

Day 314

On my bedside cabinet

Day 315

Glitter from my new Christmas twigs

How was your week?


Eileen T said...

I've just ordered a colouring book for myself - a Harry Potter one because I'm a big child at heart.

I like your new cardigan - did you knit it yourself?

joy said...

No, Eileen, I didn't knit it myself, I paid £10 for it in a sale, the yarn would have cost me more than that!
I'm suddenly hooked on colouring-in too.

Mum said...

It looks like Christmas has come early at your house with all your new things!

Maggie said...

Glad to see your colouring in stays within the lines! Nice cardi too. Sounds like a bargain.