Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Week forty four

Day 302

A boat and one of the old sail sheds on Hastings seafront (the foreshortened word in the above picture is Pooches)

Day 303

Battle Abbey

Day 304

Lexi and Lola, my friend's two dogs

Day 305

EG and GO's gorgeous little kitten, Stan

Day 306

A silver birch in the park

Day 307

Swan, lake

Day 308


How was your week?


Sandie said...

Beautiful photos Joy, I especially like the last one of the flower on the worktop. And the kitten is pretty cute too!
I always like to see what you are using for the number of the day, some great ideas there!

Maggie said...

I love Silver Birch trees. Now which is the most cute? The kitten or those little dogs in their matching outfits?

Fat Dormouse said...

That kitten is SO smoochy. He is absolutely gorgeous!!