Saturday, 21 November 2015

Week forty six

Day 316

I love these little Hens and Chicks, although I dont have a clue what their proper name is.

Day 317

My friend Amanda and her daughter Caitlin came to visit for the day, they bought chocolate brownies, cake and rosebuds (sadly no picture of the cake, it was accidentally eaten!)

Day 318

Autumn is well and truly with us now

Day 319

Day 320

Day 321

Treated myself to some new felt-tipped pens for colouring in

Day 322

The rosebuds are starting to turn, but we are still enjoying the show

How was your week?


Karen Butfield said...

Another great selection, keep photographing the roses as they die :) x

Maggie said...

A superb set of photos this week. I love the name hen and chicks for the plant.

Sandie said...

Roses never last long, sadly. I love how you show the number of the day always fun to see. My week was uneventful though I am enjoying a weekend retreat and being creative.

Eileen T said...

The proper name for hens and chicks is Sempervivum. Are you impressed? Okay, I admit I looked it up on google!