Sunday, 8 November 2015

Week forty three

I was away for almost a week, and since I got back I've been pretty busy, so now it's time for a catch-up.

Day 295

My friend Kate had a holiday in Japan, and brought me back this lovely stationery set.

Day 296

You probably know by now, if you are a regular follower, that I am very fond of numbers, here is the latest interesting one to pop up.

Day 297

It's not long now until GD1's 5th birthday, so I made some fairy cakes for her. They will go in the freezer until the day itself, when her mum will put the toppings on.

Day 298

We have had some really spectacular sunrises lately

Day 299

Two of my lovely granddaughters, 1 and 3, having fun on a seesaw

Day 300

The other two lovely granddaughters, 2 and 4, with their mum, having fun on a swing

Day 301

On the way to see an old friend, I stopped for a while and had a stroll along Brighton beach

How was your week?

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Sandie said...

Lovely to see time spent with your family