Tuesday 1 December 2015

2015/16 Winter Photographic Scavenger Hunt . . .

. . . starts today, jointly hosted by Eileen (in my playroom) and myself.

Here is the list,

1.   A robin redbreast
2.   Tinsel
3.   Outside lighting
4.   A star
5.   A snowman
6.   A puddle
7.   Berries and/or nuts
8.   A wreath
9.   A tree that has lost all its leaves
10.  A windy day
11.  Your favourite pudding
12.  A fancy button
13.  Street art
14.  Afternoon tea
15.  Candle light
16.  A chimney
17.  A ladder
18.  An arrow
19.  A fountain
20.  Cutlery
21.  Your own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)

If you find any of the above hard to get you may substitute one or more from the subjects below, except No. 21 which is compulsory.
Alt A  A supermarket trolley or basket, filled with shopping
Alt B  An animal statue
Alt C  Metal railings

If you'd like to join in, please add your name to the list below. 

You can also join our Facebook Page  which will be up and running later today


Barbara said...

Thanks Joy, all written down in my notebook.

Mum said...

This is the first time on a Scavenger Hunt for me and also not too sure of the rules. Do we post the pics all at once or as and when we collect them. I hope to put some of the pics in my Bloggy Advent Calendar this year - especially the Christmas themed ones.

joy said...

Hello Mum, you have from now until 21st march to collect the photos on the list, and you can post them on your blog any time you want, one or a few at a time or all together at the end, completely your choice, although there will be a linky at the end of each month so you can show what you have collected and blogged about at that point, should you wish.
Thanks for joining us, hope you enjoy the challenge, and look forward to seeing your photos.
Joy x x

Kezzie said...

OOoh,I will try and join in definitely, might take me a while though- I will try to post when I can!!x

Jane said...

thanks for setting this challenge

Kat said...

I read about this on Rinda's blog and definitely will play along (had thought about setting the Winter one up myself a couple of years ago, but never got around and am glad someone else did it ... as I never would have managed I think.. ;) )

Thanks very much for doing this!!