Thursday, 31 December 2015

Week Fifty Two, the end of the year

Day 358

Our post-midwinter solstice celebration table (we like to keep it simple).

Day 359

Three wise (or wine?) men

Day 360

Family cards have pride of place on the mantle shelf

Day 361

As one of the wise men who visited on 25th is vegan, we saved our turkey until 27th

Day 362

Knitted cardies for the four gorgeous granddaughters

Day 363

We still have a few mince pies left

Day 364

As we made the decision to do the sky first, progress is slow on the jigsaw puzzle this year.

Day 365

The newest member of the family, Stan the grandkitten, wishes you a peaceful and relaxing new year.

How was your year?


Crafty in the Med said...

That kitten has the right of it!! Curled up,warm and cosy :-) Turkey looks decidedly yummy. I missed the turkey this year as Christmas dinner was at daughter's house still I could do for New Year's Day lunch. Now That is a thought :-)

Wishing you and yours a very happy New Year :-)

Amanda x

PS: My New Year giveaway is now open if you should like to participate :-)

Eileen T said...

We always did the sky first on a jigsaw when we were little - that was the rule! I can remembered being shocked when we went into a family friend's home once and saw that they'd started on the interesting foreground and left the sky till last. I still do the sky first now!

Happy New Year to you all. See you soon.

Eileen T said...

I forgot to say 'well done' on completing the 365. Are you doing it again in 2016?

Maggie said...

That reminds me we must get our puzzle going. Love the little cardigans and what a cute kitten!

Maggie said...

Oh and Happy New Year to you all.

joy said...

I wont be attempting another 365 yet awhile Eileen, this one was fun, but now I need a bit of a break!

Mum said...

Our year was awful health wise and we'll be glad to see the back of it. Hears to a new year full of all you want it to be.

Karen Butfield said...

Well done on completing the 365 I am glad to have finished mine as well and like you shall not repeat it, possibly a monthly or weekly photo with a theme. Happy New Year to you all and here's to 2016. Xxx

Fat Dormouse said...

I've enjoyed looking at your photos, even though I haven't often commented. Wishing you & all you love a peaceful 2016. Stan looks as though he's already there!!