Wednesday, 27 January 2016


Mostly lots of this

But also some of this.

In the conservatory I found one of these

and in the garden I found these.

We've enjoyed a couple of these (although this is by far the most dramatic).

We spent one afternoon here.

And we've enjoyed a few of these.

How has January been for you?


Mum said...

Wet, damp and windy. We've stayed in and enjoyed just pottering in the warmth. January is usually a long month but this year it has raced by. One of our daffodils is out and the snowdrops are all up. We're looking forward to a bit more warmth so that we can get out in the garden.

Karen Butfield said...

Not as interesting as yours that's for sure lol xx

Hannah Brooker said...

So much rain! It's pouring as I type! Lovely photos in pleased to see Spring making its way slowly but surly x