Monday, 4 January 2016

Three piece suite, anyone?

. . . . or as one of my sons used to call it, "3p sweet".

We bought this suite new soon after we moved here in 2012, from the local Crockerton Furniture Centre. It is very comfortable and we love it, but soon after we bought it we realized we needed extra sleeping capacity downstairs, so we bought ourselves a sofa bed for the lounge, and were offered such a good deal that we bought a matching sofa as well, so this 3 piece suite has been sitting, unused, in our spare room for over three years.

As you can see, we paid £1,250 for it. We used it for probably no more than a few months, 6 at the most, so it is as new and in practically perfect condition, clean, with no scratches or tears, and would be ideal for anyone wanting/needing a smallish suite for a smallish space. We hope to get in the region of £600 for it. If you, or anyone you know, would like to take a look at it - we are in Warminster - just leave a comment below. I'll be advertising it on Gumtree later this week.

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Maggie said...

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