Saturday, 13 February 2016

Send a Little Love Swap 2016

Back in January I put my name down to join in with Tracy's (Mad About Bags) Send a Little Love Swap, which you can read about here

I was partnered with Jo of, and we swapped emails just to check each other out. I'm afraid that real life rather got in the way, as is often the case, but I managed to get a few things together for Jo, and she for me, so we agreed to post our parcels on Saturday 6th. However down here in soggy wet Wiltshire it rained so hard that day that I decided that I wouldn't venture out, so my parcel was posted instead on the Monday after. Jo kept her word and posted hers, which arrived here on Monday just as soon as I had got back from the Post Office sending hers!

I didn't remember to take photos of what I sent, but this is what I received.

A lovely delicious bar of chocolate, which sadly didn't last very long - I dont know what it is about chocolate but once it arrives in the house it disappears again pretty quickly!

A To-do list pad, with a magnet on the back to attach to the fridge.

A dear hand-knitted mouse with lined ears and a heart on her chest, which Cassie has rather taken to, so I have to keep it out of her sight.

A mosaic coaster kit, which I am really looking forward to having a go at sometime soon.

A set of 4 red felt embroidered coasters

A gorgeous scented candle, some heart-shaped card decorations and some hand cream.

A big thank you to Jo for being a great swap partner, and another big thank you to Tracy for organising the swap.

Wishing you, my reader, a very Happy Valentines Day tomorrow.


Jo@awholeplotoflove said...

I'm glad you enjoyed them. The little mouse was a design from Little hen blog originally I had planned to knit you a dish cloth with a heart but I spotted the mouse pattern & thought it would be more fun. I need to do a post about this swap, like you the chocolate you sent me soon went & I have the candle burning now. Thanks for being a lovely swap partner. xx

Tracy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed the swap Joy, Jo sent you some super gifts in her parcel. Life sounds like it is pretty hectic still at the moment, I hope things settle down for you soon xx

Kimberley said...

oh the little mouse is just darling! Love the other sweet things too, but I'm not a big chocolate eater these days - that is pretty sad!

Karen Butfield said...

Lovely selection of swap gifts, x

Busy Little Chicken said...

Lovely gifts, not surprised the chocolate didn't last long!! :)